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Cremation is an alternative method of body disposal that’s been used for centuries. In contrast to an in-ground burial, the body is incinerated and reduced to a fine ash. If you or a loved one is interested in cremation, we can answer your questions today.

Choosing cremation for your after-life plans does not eliminate the possibility of having a funeral or other kind of service! You may choose to be cremated and still provide an opportunity for your family and loved ones to gather in remembrance. Let us help you decide if cremation is right for you.

When it comes to cremation, you have virtually endless options for remembrance. Choose a fitting urn, scatter the remains in an important location, inter the remains in a cemetery, or keep them at home. Whatever you choose, be sure to discuss the plan with your family and loved ones. Make sure it’s something that everyone is comfortable with doing. We’re happy to help create the best plan for your family.

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